What does Aqua Natal involve

What does Aqua Natal involve

What does Aqua Natal Classes mean?

Pregnancy is a time to enjoy every moment. It is always advisable to have an active lifestyle during pregnancy. What a woman selects entirely depends upon their own choice, interests as well as doctor’s advice to them. Out of many exercises which you can opt for during pregnancy, one fun filled and relaxing way of exercise is attending an aqua natal class.

What is an Aqua Natal Class?

Aqua Natal Classes are carried out at various swimming pools by professional trainers. These classes are designed for pregnant women and are a good way to exercise while relaxing. The classes are carried out in water so it also helps the pregnant woman to carry out the exercise while leaving the weight aside as you become weightless when in water. They are usually carried out during your second and third trimester.

What happens at Aqua Natal classes?

You will be accompanied by many other mom-to-bes and will be in water. The trainer will tell you certain mild water exercises which will help you relax. If you are a non-swimmer, just tell this to your trainer and they will ensure that either you are not in deep water or have a tube supporting you.