Water Birth

Water Birth

What is Water Birth?

Water birth is the birth of the baby in water. The labor, delivery or both occurs in water. Water birth is experienced as less painful and more relaxing.
Water birth takes place in a pool filled with warm water. The birthing pool can be at home, hospital or other water birth centers. Your midwife or doctor will assist you during water birth.

Who can have Water Birth?

Water birth is recommended for healthy women with no other complication in pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Water Birth?

There are advantages and disadvantages of water birth. Some of the benefits of water birth include:

  • Water birth is more relaxing.
  • It reduces the pain during labor and delivery.
  • It reduces stress.
  • The effect of water will make you feel to reduce your body weight and thereby making you more comfortable.
  • It is said that the baby feels the same environment as in the amniotic sac which makes more comfortable.

What are the risks involved in water birth?

Water birth has some risks for baby and mother. Some of the risk of water birth are:

  • Infection – As the birth is in a pool filled with water, the chances of infection is very high. But hospitals and birth centers are now very strict about properly cleaning and sterilizing the pool regularly.
  • Breathing difficulties of the baby – There can be respiration difficulties for the baby in water. There are chances that the baby inhales water.
  • In some cases water birth may not provide pain relief and you may have to depend on other choices for reducing pain.
  • The umbilical cord can snap and there can be difficulty in birth.
  • There can be risk if the temperature of the baby and the temperature of the water is varying.

How to prepare for water birth?

  • Ask your doctor if you can have a water birth.
  • Inquire if it is available in your hospital or locality. You can also rent water birth tub. But the risk of infection is very high.
  • Get properly educated of water birth.
  • Wear dress that is comfortable for you.
  • Regulate the temperature of the tub.
  • Make sure to get the assistance of your midwife.
  • Ask advice from doctor and midwife.