Things you need before your baby arrives

Things you need before your baby arrives

Arrival of a new baby in the family is the most wonderful thing to happen to any couple. Here is a list of things you need to put a check on in order to ensure you are ready for his/her arrival:

1- Birth Announcement Script: There is nothing more exciting than to announce the birth of your baby to your loved ones specially if they are not with you on that big day. Plan how and what you are going to tell them once your baby arrives. You might do it via Pinterest or design something with some nice text and decoration and just leave a space to add the most beautiful picture of the year – surely everyone is waiting for it.

2- Your baby’s first outfit: I still remember when my baby arrived, my husband was asked for an outfit for him. Though not planned, he shuffled through the bag and came up with a superman dress for him. Yes, that became his first dress from his parents, still preserved with us. Plan your baby’s first outfit. It’s the most exciting thing to do and avoid any last minute confusions.

3- Nursing Bra- If you are going to feed your precious milk to your baby, ensure you have the right nursing bras as it’s quite comfortable to feed if you have them.

4- Breast Pump / Baby Bottles – If for any reasons, you need to remove milk and feed your baby, you should be ready for it. Having breast pump and bottles ready can save any rush later.

5- Hospital Bag – Your hospital bag should be ready as soon as you are done with your baby’s shopping. This is usually done after 28 weeks.

6- Newborn Diapers – Ensure you have bought the newborn diapers and they are packed in your hospital bag.

7- A Crib – Plan how is your baby going to sleep. If you need a crib for him/her, buy it beforehand to avoid any last minute hassles.

8- Newborn Car Seat – If you are going to drive your baby back home, you need to buy a newborn car seat. The hospital won’t allow you to take the baby without one. In case you are taking the baby back via a taxi, there are a few taxis which comes with a baby seat. Keep their numbers handy, you will need them later.

9- Vacuum Your House – Your baby will be too small and should come to a house where the carpets are properly cleaned beforehand to avoid any infections. Ensure that you get your carpets cleaned thoroughly before this big arrival.

10- Baby Oil, Wash and Moisturizer – A baby’s skin is too sensitive. You’ll need products which come without any cosmetics / fragrances etc. Ensure you discuss this with your doctor beforehand and keep these ready.

11- Pre Wash Baby Clothes – It’s a good idea to wash all your baby clothes before they are used to ensure they are free from chemicals. You need Non-bio detergents to do so.

13- Maternity Pads, Underwears, Gowns and Breast Pads – Your hospital will give you a list of things you need before going to the hospital. These are few things which will be mentioned in that list and are actually quite useful.

14- Waterproof Bed Pads / Changing Pads – You will need these before your baby arrives. They prove to be quite useful with a new baby.

15- Bathing Baby Chair or Tub – This is one thing that always vote for when giving bath to a baby. It makes bathing a baby quite easy and safe. Just make sure don’t leave your baby alone at any time.