Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Many couples have this question in mind. They just don’t want to risk the baby in any way. In most of the cases, it is absolutely safe to have sex during pregnancy. However, if you have any complication during your pregnancy and your doctor has advised to have complete bed rest or other sort of precautions, they will inform you or you should feel free to ask this question to them. In such cases, you might be advised to avoid having a relationship during your pregnancy to avoid any further complications.

Will sex during pregnancy harm the baby?

In normal pregnancies it does not harm your baby in any way. Your baby is in your placenta which is much inside your body and protects your baby in many ways. Sex during pregnancy will not harm the baby. The protective covering of the baby – the amniotic fluid and strong muscles – will keep the baby safe.

Will Sex Trigger Labor?

Again if you are having a normal pregnancy, you need not worry about anything. However, in case of complications, your doctor will advise you to avoid it. You might want to consult your doctor about any possibility of triggering labor while you are in your last weeks.

Will my pregnancy affect my partner’s sex drive?

Women will have hormonal changes during pregnancy. The fear of hurting the baby and the mom’s change can affect men’s sex drive. You must have a good communication with your partner and have a mutual understanding.

Is oral sex safe during pregnancy?

Oral sex is safe during pregnancy. But avoid blowing into the vagina. You should take preventive measures if your husband have any infection.

Which are the best sex positions when pregnant?

The best position vary in each pregnant women. You have to experiment in various positions and should find which is comfortable for you.

For most women side lying position may be comfortable. For some women, man on top may be comfortable provided man will not put his weight on your body. The comfort positions will vary and you should find the most comfort position for you.