Nursery Decorating Ideas for your Newborn

Nursery Decorating Ideas for your Newborn

Getting baby home is one of the most lovely experiences you can ever imagine. It starts with selecting your special outfit, make sure it is comfortable and baby feed friendly. Next, figure out baby outfit. Needless to say, consider the weather first. You don’t want to under or over dress your cutie pie.

Now we focus on the baby room or nursery or magic kingdom or whatever you call it.

Here are some simple tips to help you plan and decorate the special room in a special way:

1- Select a theme for the room: Believe me this is where you start and once this battle is won, the impending war is a piece of cake. Discuss a theme with your partner or throw a dice.

Once you decide, get cracking. Don’t worry too much wondering if your baby will like it or not and don’t go overboard too, this is a temporary theme and the baby won’t complain for a few years. Once they grow up, they will tell you what they want in their room. For now, go with you gut and focus on adding pastels which your baby may find comforting.

2- Use washable wall paper or easy to go wall decorations, just incase if you don’t want them later.

3- Balloons: It is always a confusion, whether you should use balloons or not. Balloons may look good but remember they pop too. Neither do they give you any notice before they pop. The loud sound of a pop will scare your baby for sure. So if you want to use balloons, place them where the baby doesn’t see or hear them. No balloons in the baby room, zilch.

4- Avoid flowers: Your baby is too delicate and should not be exposed to the infections flowers can bring. A complete no-no is always a good idea.

5- Don’t make the room look crowded: A clean and spacious room will give you and your baby a better feeling. Try to keep it less crowded.

5- Keep things handy: Try to keep all the useful things like nappy change kit, baby clothes etc handy. You will need them more often. You don’t want to go diaper hunting in the middle of the night. .

6- Things you need rarely can be kept at a distance to make it less clustered near the baby.

7- Keep a night light in the baby room.

8 – Use a humidifier if you have a carpet in the room or have central heating. The humidifier will reduce dust.