Normal Delivery

Normal Delivery

What is Normal Delivery ?

A normal delivery or vaginal delivery is the delivery of the baby through vagina. There are some other assisted deliveries. This includes vacuum delivery, forceps delivery or caesarean delivery (C-section). A normal delivery or Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery (NSVD) is the vaginal delivery without the use of forceps or vacuum.

If normal vaginal delivery is not possible, physicians may use the help of tools . Vacuum delivery and Forceps delivery are vaginal delivery using tools. In vacuum delivery, physician use a plastic cups for suction on the baby’s head. In forceps delivery forceps are used around the baby’s head and helps to guide the baby through the birth canal. If these are not possible, a surgical procedure, cesarean delivery is recommended.

Does it pain during normal delivery?

Normal delivery is painful, however, it is bearable. All women will not necessarily experience the same amount of pain. Many different factors like size and position of the baby, health condition of the mom etc. can contribute to the pain. If you are unable to bear the pain, you can even ask your doctor to give you epidural injection which makes your lower body numb and helps lower down your pain.

What is labor and labor pain?

Labor is the contractions that helps the birth of the baby. There are different phases of labor. If your contractions are stronger, more frequent and longer, then you are in active labor. You may experience instance pain and pressure in active labor.

What are the Benefits of Normal Delivery?

Some of the benefits of normal birth include:

  • Faster Recovery
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Lower Risk
  • Less Complications

A woman with normal deliveries in the past can have more babies, however, if you had a C-section in the past, it is not advised to have more than two babies.