Endorsed by the medical profession, Pilates enhances mobility and overall strength and flexibility. It is proven to relieve pain and stiffness and mobility issues by improving posture, back and joint problems. It is therefore, a useful tool to sports training, improved performance and for rehabilitation.

Pilates is for:

  • Core Stability
  • Joint Health and Efficiency
  • Back Strengthening
  • Improved Posture
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility
  • Fitness
  • Stretch and Tone
  • Abdominal Strength & Contouring
  • Body Conditioning
  • Fitness in Pregnancy

At The Osprey Clinic, we provide Pilates matwork classes. These may include the use of free weights, stretch bands and gym balls.

Group classes are scheduled to meet all levels of fitness, from beginners to advanced levels and the age range is from 15 to 85. We have a maximum class number of five to ensure a high level of teaching supervision. An introductory private session, to address the basic principles of The Pilates Method and to assess individual goals and health history, is required before joining a group class.

Group Class Timetable:

Mon 11 -12pm Intermediate/Advanced

Tue 5.40-6.40pm General

Wed 10.15-11.15am Beginner/General

Thu 5.40-6.40pm Beginner/General

Fri 11-12pm General/Intermediate

Private classes are tailored to your individual needs either at your home or at our studio.

A full initial assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of any spinal or joint problems
  • Consideration of your health history
  • Fitness objectives.

This forms the basis of a tailored exercise programme.

our Private Pilates clients tend to progress faster in developing good Pilates technique, strength and flexibility by having ‘one to one’ sessions. These allow you to focus totally on executing each exercise with precision, without the distractions of being in a group class.

Private sessions may be geared towards the following:

Fitness Training

One to one Pilates sessions consider your individual fitness requirements. This may be for toning or conditioning specific areas of the body, such as the abdominals, or to improve overall fitness or sporting performance. By developing excellent core muscle strength other physical activities are executed more efficiently. For this reason, sports people commonly incorporate Pilates training into their fitness regimes.

Pain Management and Remedial Therapy can also be achieved with regular Pilates sessions. Private sessions will be required initially, but it may be possible to join a group exercise class as you progress, depending on your condition. Combined sessions of Manual Therapy and Pilates may also be considered to help you to make better progress.

At the Osprey Clinic we also provide classes, as follows:

Pilates for the older person

Pilates offers a gentle approach to exercise for health and mobility for the older age groups. More and more, people are starting to exercise in later life, when the body starts to display the physical effects of wear and tear. Pilates helps you to cope with degenerative changes in the spine and joints and to maintain mobility. Also, following joint replacement surgery and the rehabilitation process, it is important to maintain joint mobility and muscle balance through regular exercise. In addition to offering private classes, our small group classes are an opportunity to exercise with others in a fun and friendly environment.

Pilates for advanced fitness training

Many people wish to progress to Advanced Pilates for the challenge of mastering movement techniques which challenge the body in a similar way to dance or gymnastics. These exercises demand ultimate core strength, stamina, balance, concentration, coordination, controlled breathing pattern, postural awareness and control.

At The Osprey Clinic, advanced exercises are broken down initially, into manageable patterns of movement to enable the individual to gradually progress to advanced level.

Pilates for Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is inadvisable to take up a new form of exercise, in general. However, a gentle Pilates programme can be designed to suit your level of fitness and individual needs taking your overall health history into account. At The Osprey Clinic we work with pregnant women only from the 17th week of pregnancy if you are new to Pilates. Our instructors are fully trained and experienced in working with pregnant women. A thorough understanding of health problems in pregnancy is important to ensure safety for you and your baby and certain exercises are contraindicated during the different trimesters. Your instructor will provide you with suitable exercises for each stage of your pregnancy and at a manageable pace.


Yoga Flow is based on Ashtanga Yoga, which uses traditional practice including meditation and pranayama.

The aim is to build up the practice dynamically, preparing you for a deeper relaxation in Savasana, working the body physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our instructor, Iva uses verbal and physical adjustments to enhance your experience of the class and to enable you to develop and build your practice gradually over time.

Yoga Flow is for:

  • Relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Meditation
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Improve Vitality
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Improve Posture
  • Stretch and Tone

Group Class:

Friday 9.30 am

Maximum of 5 per group.

Scheduled to meet a general level of fitness.

Private Classes:

Arranged at mutually convenient times at our studio.

Iva Emilova is Registered with Yoga Alliance professionals


Our Address:

The Osprey Clinic Marriott Hotel Regents Park Leisure Club 128 King Henry's Road Hampstead/St.John'sWood London NW3 3ST

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