Swimming is the most commonly recommended form of exercise for pregnant women. Conventional swimming strokes (especially breaststroke), can create strain on pelvic and lower back muscles. With its extensive use of the breath, Aquanatal Yoga allows pregnant women to stretch as their babies grow, without straining, to avoid impact and overheating and to access deep relaxation in a quick and easy manner.

Water provides a soothing yet stimulating environment to prepare for birth. Aquanatal Yoga:

  • is a safe, gentle and effective way to tone abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • promotes an intimate bond with one’s growing baby
  • nurtures calm and self-confidence through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy
  • allows access to better and deeper sleep during pregnancy, which contributes to reduce anxiety and fatigue

Aquanatal yoga in pregnancy can be followed up with postnatal aqua yoga moves that help women reclaim their abdominal and pelvic tone after giving birth. Postnatal Aqua Yoga can be either practiced with or without the baby. Early bathtub practices specially developed by Birthlight give way to group practices for parents and babies in suitable warm pools.


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