The healing properties of water have been mused over for centuries. The use of hydrotherapy and spas has long been enjoyed. It was thought that the minerals within spa water have rejuvenating abilities. Evidence now points to the immersion effects being the most beneficial factor.

Along with the benefits of buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure this makes the participation of Aquanatal not only enjoyable but also advantageous to women both during and after their pregnancy. aims to assist women is locating a class near to them so that they too can enjoy all of the benefits that Aquanatal has to offer.

We believe as Midwives you are the best facilitators of Aquanatal. You understand pregnancy, its normalities and that which is not.

You spend a great deal of time with pregnant women and are often best placed to understand them.

You know that an important aspect of any ante-natal education is that of socialising and are able to facilitate this during each session.

You are able to give good, research based, sound advice.

You instill confidence in the women we come into contact with. You help them to believe in themselves and their own body’s ability. You promote good health in pregnancy, encourage self-help and engender well-being.

As midwives, it is your responsibility to ensure that the advice, information and instruction that you give is research-based and the most current available. It is also your responsibility as stated within the NMC Midwives Rules that you should undertake only the tasks that you have been properly trained to perform. aims to help Midwives to find suitable training courses to enable them to facilitate Aquanatal sessions for the benefit of the mothers.

Facilitating sessions is also extremely enjoyable for the Instructor!
Imagine an hour in the water with a group of motivated women who are also enjoying themselves, laughing and talking, moving about in the water, using floats and woggles to enhance the exercise. All of this accompanied to the music of your choice. I could think of worse jobs!

Aquanatal Books for Midwives

There are not too many books available on Aquanatal but we have listed some of those which are.

Books for Midwives In Association with

Aquanatal Courses for Midwives

Any midwife wishing to qualify as an aquanatal instructor has two basic choices

  • Training courses offered by commercial organisations
  • University-based courses

‘Aquafusion’ They offer various courses including intense week-ends (hard work and fun!). The courses are pitched at different levels according to your needs. It is specialist aqua-natal training, which is ENB approved for Midwifery Profession.

Aquafusion is an associate company of Northern Fitness and Education.
Their web address is

Salford University (nr. Manchester) run an Aquanatal Level III module (20 credits). As far as we are aware this is the only degree module available anywhere in the UK. The course is run over a 12 week period, although there may be other options available in due course. The course is hard work. It is not an easy option for obtaining credits towards a degree!

Contact is Sue Baines and her e-mail address is

These are the only accredited course providers we are currently aware of in the UK. If you are aware of any other courses, do contact us.

On the other side of the world however, Aquanatal Australia has developed an intensive three-day Aquanatal Instructor Training program for Australia.  Aquanatal is a registered trade mark in Australia.  For information about becoming an accredited Aquanatal Instructor in Australia, contact Donna at

We would be very happy to feature and link to any other organisations providing course for midwives. Please use the contact us form to let us know about them.