• How soon can I start Aquantal ?
    It is not advisable to commence Aquanatal until after the 14th week of pregnancy is completed.
  • What do I wear?
    A normal bathing costume is fine, although as your pregnancy progresses you may need to purchase or borrow one specifically designed for pregnancy. It is also advisable to wear a sports bra underneath to give added support. It is often recommended that socks are worn to provide improved grip and protection from the pool floor.
  • I can’t swim, can I still participate in Aquanatal?
    Most definitely. Be sure to let your Aquanatal Instructor know and ensure that you are aware of where the areas of water are that are out of your depth – Do not venture into them!
  • Can my partner come?
    Check with your local class instructor. Most classes would not encourage male partners to participate.
  • What conditions preclude me from participating?
    The following conditions definitely preclude participation in aquanatal classes.

    • PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) – this does not mean slightly raised blood pressure – check with your Midwife if you are unsure.
    • Pre-Eclampsia
    • Cardiac Disease
    • IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Retardation) – this does not mean slightly small baby for estimated delivery dates – check with your Midwife if unsure.
    • History of 3 or more miscarriages.
    • History of premature labour.
    • Placenta Praevia – some women may have a low lying placenta, but it does not necessarily mean they may not participate – check with your Midwife.
    • Unexplained Vaginal Bleeding.

If you have any of the following conditions, check with your Aquanatal Instructor BEFORE you get into the water. Please be aware that should they ask you not to participate it is for your and your baby’s own safety.

  • Please double check if you are
    • Extremely under or over-weight.
    • Raised blood pressure prior to pregnancy.
    • Anaemia.
    • Thyroid disease.
    • Diabetes.
    • Twins, Triplets, etc.
    • Palpitations.
  • I have some pain – can I still join in?
    This of course depends on what pain and where. You will need to discuss this with the Aquanatal Instructor before you get into the water. Always be prepared that you may be advised NOT to participate on this occasion, should the Instructor feel that it is not safe for you to do so.
  • Do I have any right to paid time off for aquanatal classes, or will I have to take the time off and lose money?
    My understanding of the situation with regard to antenatal paid time off work is that you are allowed reasonable time for appointments. Normally this would not include time for Aquanatal sessions. Depending on where you are some instructors hold evening classes so that you can attend these until you commence your maternity leave and then continue during the day time (as well as the evening).

If you work for a big company it is always worth discussing with the personnel department the policy on time off during the antenatal period, since they are sometimes quite generous, particularly for ‘classes’ – interpret as you will!

  • Where can I find aquanatal classes near me?
    Go to our class lists page. Click on your region and see if we have information regarding aquanatal classes local to you. If there is no information it is because we have not been told or cannot find any.

If you discover a class or the information that we have published is incorrect please let us know so that we can update Aquanatal.co.uk for the benefit of other users.

  • My question is not here – how can I get an answer?
    Fill our “Contact Us” form and we shall help you with your answer.