Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a period to enjoy, to think about the newcomer in your life, still, there are few embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that you cannot ignore.

Here are a few embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that you face during pregnancy:

  • Stretch Marks
    With Pregnancy comes expanding body and later stretch marks. Some women are worried about these marks that they might get on their bodies. The best way to avoid them is to keep yourself moisturised properly throughout your pregnancy. If you feel a lot of itchiness on your skin, avoid itching harshly. Rather apply some moisturiser or oil on the affected area. If still you can’t let the urge to scratch go, use some soft cloth and do it gently.
  • Gastric Problems
    Pregnancy brings in a lot of gastric problems in some women. This is due to improper digestion during pregnancy. It can come out to be quite embarrassing to face it in front of many people. The biggest problem is that sometimes you can’t even avoid it and it can come out in open. Don’t get embarrassed, it’s alright. Most of the women face this issue during pregnancy and you are not alone. You can try avoiding food that causes gastric problems and eat light food. If the problem is severe and you get pains with it, consult your doctor.
  • Constipation
    Constipation is another major embarrassing issue of most of the pregnant women. It is due to increasing uterus and since your intestines get lots of pressure, you face this issue. The problem can be solved by increasing fibre in your diet. It is always recommended to get constipation at the minimum as too much constipation can even lead to Haemorrhoid. Take your doctor ‘s help if you cannot deal with it yourself.
  • Weight Gain
    Weight Gain is a sure thing during pregnancy. If you were weighing right before pregnancy, then your worry can be little. However, if you were weighing more before pregnancy, then weighing more can be a concern for you. You don’t have to worry too much about this issue. You can have a normal and healthy pregnancy while managing your weight by eating right. Avoid junk and oily food, rather concentrate on eating more of fruits, vegetables and protein rich food. You can consult a dietician for this.
  • Acne
    The glow comes with pregnancy. You might get people complimenting you for your skin and lovely glow as the level of oils increases in your body. With glow, some women sometimes face acne too. If it is little you can avoid it, however, if they are too many, you might want to consult your doctor and understand what you can put on your skin to avoid them.
  • Physical Relations with your spouse
    Some women find it awkward to get into a physical intimacy with their spouse thinking of the unattractive body they have now. Instead of losing your self-esteem or getting too tense about this condition, you might want to speak to your partner about it. A lovely relation with him during this period can be soothing and helping.
  • Low Confidence
    In any case, if you feel low confident due to your physical changes, do not let it come your way of happiness. This is the time when you must just think about the new baby coming into your life. You will have ample time to back to your shape later. If these things are too much bothering you or you are getting into any kind of depression, consult your doctor.
  • Mood Swings
    Mood Swings is a common thing which every woman face during pregnancy. You might get angry for a stupid reason or you might want to cry for another. You might feel that your partner is getting annoyed with you due to this change of behaviour. Talk to your partner or let your doctor explain it to him. This is quite common thing and will start going once you deliver. It happens due to the hormonal changes a woman faces due to pregnancy. It’s completely normal and you and your husband should not panic. Consult your doctor and get into some yoga or meditation which will make you feel good.
  • Frequent Urination
    Frequent urination is one of the major embarrassing pregnancy symptoms which pregnant women face. You have just come out of toilet and want to go again. It can be embarrassing, especially for working women. It increases as your belly size increases and happens due to a lot of pressure on your bladder. Sometimes, you might leak a little too due to sneezing and all. Don’t panic. It’s alright. Try to go to toilet after every 2 hours even if you don’t feel like going. Wear proper underwear to ensure that it does not leak.