Do pregnancy symptoms worsen in Expectant Dad?

Do pregnancy symptoms worsen in Expectant Dad?

Pregnancy is often followed by lot of its own symptoms like cramps, nausea, mood swings, food cravings, depression etc. Its always an interesting question whether the expecting dad also suffers any of these symptoms along with his wife?

From time to time, researchers have been studying this topic to understand whether this is just an assumption or a reality. Some of the researches done in past shows that Men do suffer some of the pregnancy symptoms along with their wives. Confused!!!

Men are often found complaining of cramps, stomach blown up feeling, nausea, mood swings and even food cravings issues during their wife’s pregnancy. This is often termed as Couvade Syndrome, also referred as Sympathetic Pregnancy.

During Couvade Syndrome, the partner experiences the same or some of the symptoms as well as the behaviour as the wife. There is an ongoing debate on the topic. Some believe that it can be a biological condition attached to hormonal changes while others feel it can be more of psychological feeling.

Whether it is an actual condition or a fictional will always be a topic of debate but if it is actual, there is no lovely feeling than seeing your partner contributing with you.