Common Problems During Pregnancy

Common Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time to cherish, the time to think of your new baby, the time to enjoy every moment. Pregnancy also brings some health issues with it. So if you are also facing them, don’t be upset as these are common issues of this time. Here are a few tips to overcome them:

Nausea: If you are facing nausea, try eating small meals frequently rather than eating one large meal at one time. Try to not keep your stomach empty for longer hours. Avoid eating outside and have a balanced diet.

Backache: It is always advisable to sleep on your left side. Sleeping on left side also ensures that your baby is getting the right nutrient. Avoid sleeping on your back for longer hours. Always get up by first turning on your left. Do not stand straight as it burdens your back. Consult your doctor for exercises which can help you avoid backache.

Laziness: You feel lazy and tired most of the time. Listen to your body and take proper rest.

Leg Cramps: Leg Cramps is another common problem of pregnancy. Take food rich in calcium. Have Coconut water, milk and drink lot of water. If the problem persists or is unavoidable, consult your doctor.

Constipation: If you are facing constipation, it is yet another problem that comes during pregnancy. Constipation can even worsen and lead to hemorrhoids. The solution to this problem is increasing the fiber in your diet. Have fruits rather than having juices. In worse cases, consult your doctor.

Acidity: Drink lot of fluids. Avoid spicy food. Walk a little after meals. Don’t keep your stomach empty for longer hours. You can also take antacids after consulting your doctor.

Breathlessness: A very common discomfort which can be avoid by maintaining proper sleeping postures. Take a break if you are feeling breathlessness. Ask your doctor for exercises.

Feet Swelling: Its normal as you go to your final trimester.  Avoid standing and sitting for longer hours together. Keep your feet alleviated whenever possible. Reduce salt intake. Consult your doctor as blood pressure can also be a reason.