Signs of Labor

Am I in Labor? Any pain you feel during pregnancy keep you thinking if you are in actual labor or it’s just any other normal pain. Pregnancy is a period when you face a lot of different pains and discomforts. Not every pain is the labor pain. Here are some signs and symptoms that you […]

Pilates During Pregnancy

What is Pilate? Pilate is the physical fitness system used to enhance and improve the physical fitness and strength of the body. It is a set of exercises that can refresh your body and mind. Is Pilate good during pregnancy? Pilate is a good exercise during pregnancy that can strengthen your abdominal, back and pelvic […]

Delivery Through Epidural

What is Epidural? An Epidural is an anesthesia used for pain relief during labor. It is an injection in which the medicines are delivered through a catheter (a narrow plastic tube) into the epidural space just outside the spinal cord and spinal fluid. What does Epidural procedure involve? An epidural is done by a special […]

Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

Returning to normal or regular weight post pregnancy is a challenging task for moms. You need not start to lose weight immediately after delivery or baby birth. Take advice from the doctor or your midwife before starting a regular exercise routine. Your exercising schedule will also depend upon the kind of delivery you underwent. If […]

Aquanatal During Pregnancy

What is Aquanatal? Aquanatal are water-based exercises for fitness during and after pregnancy. It is an effective and safest way of exercises for pregnant women. Aquanatal classes are conducted by trained aquanatal instructor or experienced midwives. Aquanatal classes take place in swimming pools. Since aquanatal classes are conducted in water, the properties of water make […]

What you need to know about C-Section?

What is C-Section? A c-section or cesarean section is the delivery of the baby using surgery. A C-section is recommended if a vaginal birth is not possible or if it is not safe. What are the Causes of C-Section? A C-Section is usually done when: There is any complication in delivery. If you have any […]

Throwing a Baby Shower Party

Having a baby in itself is an amazing feeling. To add on to this excitement, many people celebrate this special event through baby shower. It is a way where many cultures celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother. When is Baby Shower Party Thrown? Baby Shower party normally happens around the last months […]

Normal Delivery

What is Normal Delivery ? A normal delivery or vaginal delivery is the delivery of the baby through vagina. There are some other assisted deliveries. This includes vacuum delivery, forceps delivery or caesarean delivery (C-section). A normal delivery or Normal spontaneous vaginal delivery (NSVD) is the vaginal delivery without the use of forceps or vacuum. […]

Eating a Healthy Diet in Pregnancy

Healthy diet and regular exercises are two important factors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can maintain and improve your health there by making you more energetic and active, reducing risks for diseases. If you are a pregnant woman or planning for a pregnancy, it is important that you should maintain a healthy […]

Vitamins, Supplements and Nutrition in Pregnancy

What is the importance of Vitamins, supplements and nutrition in pregnancy? Vitamins, supplements and nutrition in pregnancy are needed for the normal development of the baby and health of the mom. Pregnant women should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients is needed for pregnant women since it can influence […]