Quick Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Most of the pregnant women worry about weight gain during their pregnancies. It is important that you start your pregnancy at a right BMI. It is normally found that most of the women are already overweight when they plan their pregnancy. Healthy weight keeps both the mother as well as they baby healthy too. Here […]

Do I need extra calories since I am pregnant?

For healthy pregnancy, you don’t require to overeat. A healthy balanced diet is what you need. Same ways, it is also not a time when you should go on a diet. Regarding the calorie intake, you don’t need any extra calories during the first and second trimester. However, this intake increases by around 200 calories […]

Do pregnancy symptoms worsen in Expectant Dad?

Pregnancy is often followed by lot of its own symptoms like cramps, nausea, mood swings, food cravings, depression etc. Its always an interesting question whether the expecting dad also suffers any of these symptoms along with his wife? From time to time, researchers have been studying this topic to understand whether this is just an […]

Are pregnancy symptoms worse with twins?

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms you should be aware: Pregnant with twins or triplets is a common thing, however, it also involves a lot of care and more symptoms to deal with. Here are a few symptoms you should be aware of if pregnant with twins. Morning Sickness may be worse with twin pregnancy: Morning sickness is […]

5 Tips to Plan Destination For Your Baby Moon

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience which should be enjoyed thoroughly. When it comes to baby moon, it is surely something which every pregnant couple wants to enjoy. It is an appropriate time to spend with your partner before you get into the tiring task of handling a new born. Here are a few tips to […]

Water Birth

What is Water Birth? Water birth is the birth of the baby in water. The labor, delivery or both occurs in water. Water birth is experienced as less painful and more relaxing. Water birth takes place in a pool filled with warm water. The birthing pool can be at home, hospital or other water birth […]

Exercises for Normal Vaginal Delivery

Normal Vaginal Delivery is the process of giving birth to the bay normally. Normal vaginal delivery is good for both mom and baby. Pregnancy exercises are helpful for normal vaginal delivery with fewer complications. Consult your doctor or midwife before doing exercises. Exercises for Normal Vaginal Delivery Walking – Walking is a simple exercise and […]

Maintaining Weight During Pregnancy

Women should maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Obesity or overweight during pregnancy increases the risk of complication during pregnancy and birth. Excess weight during pregnancy can increase the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc. How to check if you have a healthy weight? You can consult your doctor and know if […]

Complications During Pregnancy

The complications during pregnancy differ in each pregnant woman. It can be mild or severe. Some women may experience complication during pregnancy. Complications are the health problems of the mom or the baby that occur during pregnancy. Some common complications that mom and fetus may experience during pregnancy are: High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure […]

Sex During Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Many couples have this question in mind. They just don’t want to risk the baby in any way. In most of the cases, it is absolutely safe to have sex during pregnancy. However, if you have any complication during your pregnancy and your doctor has advised to […]