Coronavirus Safety Tips For Pregnant Women

It is important that pregnant women follow important safety guidelines to prevent Coronavirus for her and her baby’s safety. This article lists the important resources for pregnant women: We understand you might be anxious during this time and will have a lot of questions, here is WHO answering all the important questions for pregnant women: […]

What is Yoga / Yog?

For living a better life one should know the art of living and understand the meaning of life. Although our first duty is to have a body free from disease, life is much more than merely having a body without ailment or a store of wealth, name and fame in the society. Life is to […]

Yoga Asanas

There are five types of practice for Yoga / Yog / Yoga Asanas: Asans in the standing position. Asans in the sitting position. Asans done while lying on the stomach. Asans done while lying on the back. Asans practised for meditation and concentration. Yoga Asanas in Standing Position There are many asans done in the […]

Pregnancy Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in which people face sleep disorders. People with this syndrome might face difficulty falling asleep, feel tired, sleepy throughout their day. If not handled as required, it may also lead to depression in the long run. It is always advised to a pregnant lady to get enough sleep during their pregnancy […]

10 Quick Tips on Taking Care Of A New Born Baby

Expecting your first baby? It’s always a good idea to get your knowledge updated on what’s correct or what’s wrong while handling a new baby. Here are a few baby care tips you should be aware of: 1- You should always breastfeed your baby as soon as you both are ready. Most of the midwives […]

Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy is a period to enjoy, to think about the newcomer in your life, still, there are few embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that you cannot ignore. Here are a few embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that you face during pregnancy: Stretch MarksWith Pregnancy comes expanding body and later stretch marks. Some women are worried about these marks that […]

Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Almost half of the women pregnant complained of the same. The reason behind this is the ongoing hormonal changes in your body. These hormones make your muscles relaxed leading to even relaxation of muscles in your digestive tracts which keeps the food to hang around longer. Treatment of […]

Cord Blood Banking

While pregnant, this is one of the important question that keeps arriving in front of your family, Cord Blood Banking. Here are a few things you need to know about it: What is Cord Blood? Your baby is connected with your placenta through the umbilical Cord which contains three vessels, two of them are arteries […]

Nursery Decorating Ideas for your Newborn

Getting baby home is one of the most lovely experiences you can ever imagine. It starts with selecting your special outfit, make sure it is comfortable and baby feed friendly. Next, figure out baby outfit. Needless to say, consider the weather first. You don’t want to under or over dress your cutie pie. Now we […]

Things you need before your baby arrives

Arrival of a new baby in the family is the most wonderful thing to happen to any couple. Here is a list of things you need to put a check on in order to ensure you are ready for his/her arrival: 1- Birth Announcement Script: There is nothing more exciting than to announce the birth […]