Are pregnancy symptoms worse with twins?

Are pregnancy symptoms worse with twins?

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms you should be aware:

Pregnant with twins or triplets is a common thing, however, it also involves a lot of care and more symptoms to deal with. Here are a few symptoms you should be aware of if pregnant with twins.

  1. Morning Sickness may be worse with twin pregnancy: Morning sickness is a result of increase in levels of hormone in your body. With twin pregnancy, these levels are even higher and so is the nausea and vomiting. The good part is as your pregnancy progresses towards second trimester, these symptoms are most likely to subside.
  2. Backache: Since you are carrying more than one baby, the chances of getting backache becomes higher with increasing belly. You should consult your doctor to understand the right postures you should maintain to reduce the chances of getting bad backache.
  3. Sleeping difficulties: With increasing weight and belly, many women complain of sleeping difficulties.
  4. Spotting can be a common symptom during twin pregnancy: Spotting during first trimester is something can be worrying if it is active bleeding along with bad cramping. You should immediately seek a medical advice in such an event.
  5. Weight gain can be more with twin pregnancies: With the increase in the need of calorie intake, the weight gain can be more in case of twin pregnancy.
  6. Moms pregnant with twins have more risk of getting gestational diabetes. The chances of getting gestational diabetes is higher in moms pregnant with twins. With gestational diabetes comes the risk of big baby and hence C-section.
  7. Early Labour: Ladies pregnant with twins have higher chances of getting into early labour. This leads to baby being born pre-term. The premature babies can have issues like low birth weight, other health issues, respiratory issues. If twins are born after 34 weeks, then these issues can be subsided.