Acidity and Pregnancy

Acidity and Pregnancy

Acidity is caused due to changing hormones during pregnancy. In the later months, it is more due to the increasing size of baby in your womb which is pressing your stomach and causing acidity. It is the most common problem which many women face during their pregnancy. Here are a few useful tips which can help you get the relief you need:

Eat small meals rather than three big meals: Eat frequent smaller meals rather than eating three big meals. Avoid over-eating and eat slowly rather than eating faster.

Eat healthy: Pregnancy is a time when our taste buds need different types of food. Try to keep your taste buds satisfied by eating healthy food. Junk can only worsen the acidity.

Avoid Smoking / Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol can lead to bad effects on your health and worsen your acidity. Avoid them as much as possible.

Increase your fluid intake: Try drinking lot of fluids specially water. Fluids will subside the acidity from your body and reduce indigestion.

Avoid acidity triggers: You should notice if there is something in your diet that is causing more acidity. In some it is seen that fruit juices, chocolates etc. lead to acidity. Avoid things like these.

Avoid sleeping immediately after eating: You should eat at least 3 hrs before the sleeping time. Sleeping immediately after eating can cause acidity.

Walking: It is a good idea to walk after every meal. Walking helps overcome the acidity problem and can give you good relief.

Avoid eating late night: Avoid eating during late nights. If you feel hungry, try to take milk or food that does not causes acidity.

Sleep while keeping your head a little higher: If you face acidity while sleeping at night, try to keep your head a little higher. Keep an extra pillow below your head. Even keep your chest a little inclined so you don’t feel acidity.

Don’t wear tight clothes around stomach: If you wear too tight clothes around your stomach for whole day, that can worsen your acidity. Try wearing loose comfortable clothes.

Try Antacids: There are certain antacids which you can buy over the counter (the ones which are suitable for pregnant women) and take them when the acidity is worse. Alternately if you face too much of acidity and it is affecting your everyday activity, consult your doctor and get a prescription.