10 Quick Tips on Taking Care Of A New Born Baby

10 Quick Tips on Taking Care Of A New Born Baby

Expecting your first baby? It’s always a good idea to get your knowledge updated on what’s correct or what’s wrong while handling a new baby. Here are a few baby care tips you should be aware of:

1- You should always breastfeed your baby as soon as you both are ready. Most of the midwives help you do that, in the case for any reason they are keeping your baby in a nursery, you should speak to them if you can breastfeed your baby. The first yellowish colostrum is full of nutrition and is very healthy for your baby.

2- As soon as you leave the hospital, you will need a car seat to take your baby. Hospitals won’t allow you to take away your babies without car seats. If you are taking your baby via your own car, buy a car seat or arrange for one. If you are going back home via a taxi, then find out in advance the taxi services which come with a baby car seat.

3- Your baby might get rashes at the beginning on his / her face or the body. It is normal for the baby’s to show up those small red rashes. However, if you feel it’s something you need to consult a doctor for, never hesitate.

4- Always use very mild, perfume free baby soaps, oil or shampoos for your baby. Many of the baby soaps come with perfume. Avoid them. If confused, ask your doctor to recommend one.

5- Always use Non-Bio detergents to wash your baby clothes.

6- Even if your baby is born with a lot of hair, it’s absolutely normal for many of them to have hair loss initially. Don’t panic, it will be back after a while.

7- Babies have very soft nails, however, they can scratch with them on their faces. Regularly trim their nails with baby nail cutters. You should try to do that after giving them a shower as after a shower, their nails are quite soft and can be cut easily.

8- You can clean their bottoms with wet cotton balls to avoid rashes. Regularly change their diapers to avoid rashes. Keep their bottoms dry as moisture can also lead to rashes.

9- The umbilical cord should be kept clean and dry. It comes off easily within a few weeks. Never cover the umbilical cord by diapers.

10- Last but not least breastfeeding is the best for babies. It helps develop your babies with the proper nutrition they need. You should try to exclusively breastfeed your baby up to 6 months.

These are some of the most important baby care tips for any new parent.